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Canada Day Quiz

Here is the challenge - The Canada Day Quiz
Whoever gets the most correct answers wins a great prize - in the case of a tie a winner will be randomly chosen.

Make your choices and submit your answers.  The answers will be posted in the August issue of Voyager with the winner and the prize.
So give it a try and let's see what you know.

Who was Canada's First Prime Minister
Who's proclamation announced Confederation
Where was the last Confederation conference held to form Canada
Who was the first minister of Finance
Which Province did not join Canada in 1867
Who was the Governor General in 1867
What was the 5th province to join Canada
What was the largest city in Canada in 1867
What was Ottawa's original name
Which politician was from New Brunswick
What was the population of Canada in 1867
How many MP's made up Parliament in 1867
What was the main industry in Ottawa before 1867
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