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The youngest of the Fathers of Confederation was Prince Edward Island's Andrew Archibald Macdonald.

He was born at Three Rivers, P.E.I., Feb 14, 1829, the son of Hugh Macdonald, who had come form Scotland with his father's family and retainers in 1806. He was educated at the local grammar school and by private tutors and eventually became a merchant and ship owner. He entered public life as a member of the island assembly in 1854, serving until 1858. In 1863 he  was sent to the newly created Legislative Council and stayed there until after Confederation came to the island in 1873. In November, 1863, he married Elizabeth Owen, daughter of Hon. Thomas Owen, a prominent island figure. From 1867 to 1872, he had been a member of the executive council. After P.E.I. joined Confederation, he became post-master-general and also served as acting post office inspector until 1884. That year he was appointed lieutenant-governor of the province. He kept the office until 1889.

 Two years later he was named to the Canadian Senate, where he served until his death at Ottawa, on March 21, 1912.