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William Henry Steeves may have been unspectacular but his career included helping to make many vital decisions for his home province, New Brunswick.

He was born at Hillsborough, N.B., May 20, 1814. He was still young when he went into business but after a few years turned his attention to politics. From 1846 until 1851, he represented Albert county in the provincial assembly and from 1851 until 1867 was a member of the legislative council. He had been a member of the province's executive council almost continuously from 1854 to 1865. For example he was surveyor-general in 1854-55, commissioner of public works in 1855-56 and again from 1857-63.

He was a delegate of course to the 1864 Quebec and Charlottetown conferences and to the meetings on the Inter-colonial Railway at Quebec in 1862.

In 1867 he took a seat in the Canadian Senate and held that office until his death at Saint John on Dec. 9,1873.