Travel through the eras of  history and the development of the various nations that make up Canada today.






Montagnais-Naskapi | Algonquin | Ojibwa

The Ojibwa were located on the North shore of Lakes Superior and Huron. They had originally lived further to the North near Hudson Bay but around 1400 a mini Ice age settled in through North America. This cold spell encouraged the Ojibwa to migrate south. A band of the Ojibwa, the Ottawa settled on Islands in Lake Huron the main one of which was Manitoulin Island. When the Ottawa first came into contact with the French explorers and missionaries they numbered about 8,000.

They continued to grow and expand throughout the western Great Lakes and after the elimination of the Huron by the Iroquois, the Ojibwa pushed the Iroquois out of Ontario. They eventually forced the Sioux from Minnesota and established themselves as one of the most powerful Indian nations in North America.

They used the birch bark canoe for transportation ad the Great Lakes as their transportation routes. They became closely integrated with the Couriers de Bois or French runners of the woods in  opening up the fur trade throughout much of Ontario and Manitoba.