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BC Separatism


... The Okanagan and Fraser Valley fruit farmer is not the docile habitant of Quebec; our loggers and miners in this province are real men; while the great middle classes in our British Columbia cities average up a people unequalled on earth. If we are forced to it by Eastern Canada, we can separate and pay our own way and go it alone; and we can be sure we will have 100 per cent British support. Victoria and Vancouver are world seaports. This province is a great hunting and sporting country. And regardless of the tongues and races in the rest of Canada, we are and propose to remain, a British people. There must be a more equitable sharing among Canadians of things Canadian, or else this province must look about in self- defence to find ways and means to federate these parts into a DOMINION OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.


Source: Vancouver Sun, 14 May 1934, p. 1.

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