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The Vineland map claims to be a map created, about 80 years before Columbus sailed for Cathy, from the Viking explorations of the North Atlantic. The debate over the authenticity of this map has been an interesting one and if in fact it is a forgery then it is one which has resisted all attempts to prove it a fake. It is in fact one of the great milestones in exploration and stands as a very importnat historic document.

The map was first uncovered in 1965 and published by, Skelton et al. The Vinland Map and Tartar Relation. In 1972, a scientific team headed by Dr. Walter McCrone reported that its ink contained anatase, a form of titanium which first appeared in ink during the 1920s. Twenty years later, in 1992, Dr. Thomas Cahill of UC Davis found anatase in a variety of medieval manuscripts and the question was reopened. In 1995 Yale released a second edition of the book, together with further articles in support of the map, even as scholarly opinion outside of Yale increasingly turned against it. Most recently, two studies, one on the parchment and another on the ink, seemed to many to point in different directions.