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His blunt language and headstrong behaviour made Charles Fisher seem "uncouth" to his fellow Fathers of Confederation.

He was born Aug. 15, 1808, in Fredericton and received his education there. He was one of the first three graduates of King's College when he gained his B.A. in 1829. Later he went to London and studied law. Back in New Brunswick in 1833, he set up law practice in his home town.

Quickly he entered politics, being elected for York riding in 1837, and kept his seat for the next 30 years, despite the violent political turmoil in which he became involved.

By 1851, Fisher was leader of his party and premier of the province. However, he resigned in 1856 when he was beaten on the issue of liquor prohibition. He was out of office only a year before he was back in again. Four years later he was forced to resign as premier a second time in a crown lands scandal.