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Travel through the eras of  history and the development of the various nations that make up Canada today.






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The Cree lived on the Canadian Shield which was an endless stretch of rocky, scrub forested land with harsh winters and short summers. They benefited from an abundant wildlife and a land where water/lakes and hence fish are more prevalent then anywhere else on the planet.

Native Maps

The Cree were a member of the Algonquin group of natives and like their Eastern cousins they used birch bark canoes to travel throughout the lake laden country and to carry their possessions from one camp site to another.

Many of the men would shave off their head hair except a small patch and their clothes were animal skin with a breech cloth and leggings worn in the summer and a more complete buckskin dress in the winter. Their shoes were traditional moccasins and they wore leather and fur mittens in the winter. The trapped and hunted, deer, beaver, mink, fish, moose and of course buffalo when present.

They buried their dead in shallow depressions covered with dirt and wood and would usually included some of the deceased personal items. The Cree were not particularly war like and lived in an area that was not under pressure from other tribes so their relations with their neighbours was relatively calm.