Betrayal  FDR King Churchill 
The Attack on Russia completely ignored the non-aggression pact between Germany and The Soviet Union.  Prime Minister King hoovers around the big 2 as they discuss the war. He was often overlooked in the decision making process. 
Allied Resources   Gathering Clouds 
The overwhelming Allied superiority in resources and production gave them a decisive advantage in the end.  The sunny days of conquest and victory came to an end in 1942 and the Axis was on the defensive after that. 
German Invasion  King - Empire or Canada 
The German`s were unprepared for the cold Russian winter and it became a vital factor in the fighting  King is tempted by nationalism and the British Empire and must decide where he will plant his loyalties. 
Sealion Called Off  The Russian Trap 
Operation Sealion - the invasion of Britain, has to be postponed after the Luftwaffe loses the Battle of Britain.  Hitler and his armies become the primary target of the Soviet armies and attacks. He becomes trapped in the vast eastern lands 
Allied raids on France  Army Manual 
Raids such as Dieppe where seen as a crucial distraction for German in Russia and were intended to draw troops back to France An Army manual cartoon which basically emphasis `stay out of direct fire` `or you will be hit. A lesson well leant during Dieppe.
British Production  Russia attacks Finns 
The mighty German war machine will be defeated by British production. Airplane production during the Battle of Britain was essential to survival for England. Although the German`s were the enemy during the winter of 1939/40, England was tempted to intervene in the Russo-Finnish war where the Soviet's had brutally attacked Finland. 
Hitler turns to England FDR Prepares for war
After subjugating the previous counties whose hats hang on the rack, England was not as willing to be handled by the Nazi Doctor. As England holds off the Axis aggressors, FDR prepares for battle with his Cabinet and staff represented by his weapons. 

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