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In Voyager’s August Edition we are pleased to introduce the User Submissions section. A combination of letters to the editor, formal articles and interesting snippets of Canadian history, the User Submissions section is designed to give readers and history buffs alike the opportunity to have their opinions featured, and to provide exposure for their independent research in Canadian History.

The Battle of Lake Erie Confederation Characters
Hidden History

            Featured in this month’s User Submissions are two articles. The first, submitted by John Brinckman, is a fascinating and detailed appraisal of the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812, which according to John, is “...not given all the attention it deserves.” Using eminent primary and secondary sources, John Brinckman has provided us with an excellent overview of the impact that this battle had in the War of 1812.

            Our second featured submission, courtesy of Voyager subscriber Lucie Roy, is a charming series of anecdotes about some of the unique characters who catalyzed the founding of Canada as a nation in 1867. Highly readable and full of interesting details, Lucie’s article will leave readers with a greater appreciation for the minute details surrounding Canada’s past and the characters involved in its establishment.

            Voyager magazine sincerely thanks everyone who submitted their content to us for our August edition. We warmly welcome your letters, articles, anecdotes and suggestions, regardless of theme or era in Canadian history. If you would like your submission featured in future editions of Voyager, please submit your editions to


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