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Letter from Editor Continued..

  The July edition of Voyager presents a bevy of new sections for your enjoyment which is highlighted in the ‘In this issue’ tab of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy our book reviews, with materials courtesy of McClelland & Stewart, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Douglas & McIntyre, and Borealis Press. Voyager is also excited to introduce our primary sources section, which will examine a relevant, thematic primary source each month. We welcome your contributions, regardless of size. You can submit your contributions to myself, or any member of the Voyager staff and we will work together to find a place for your work.

            On other fronts, recently, in collaboration with the Canada History Society, and Canada History, Voyager is proud to introduce the launching of our official blog Visit our website for weekly updates, journal summaries, discussions pertaining to Canadian events both historical and contemporary, polls, quizzes and prize draws.

            On behalf of the Voyager staff, I welcome you to the second stage of our journals' development. We warmly invite you to join us in our mission to promote Canadian history and culture.

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