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July 1534 24 Jacques Cartier, on the Gasped Peninsula, claims the area for France.
July 1608 3 Champlain founds Quebec City.
July 1609 30 Champlain is the first European to use firearms against Indians (Iroquois).
July 1629 20 Champlain surrenders Quebec to Kirk brothers from England. (Port La Tour, N.S., is the only part of New France to avoid capture by English.)
July 1673 12 Frontenac awes restless Iroquois at Kingston, Ontario.
July 1696 4 Frontenac and 2,000 men leave Montreal on raid that will permanently end Iroquois harassment of New France.
July 1755 28 Acadians ordered deported.
July 1758 8 French troops, under the command of Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, win victory over the British at Carillon (Ticonderoga).
July 1758 26 Louisbourg surrenders to the English for second time. (Now it will be destroyed)
July 1758 26 The British capture Louisbourg from the French.
July 1793 22 Alexander Mackenzie, first man to cross North America north of Mexico, records his arrival at the Pacific on a rock near Bella Coola, B.C.
July 1808 2 Nor' Western Simon Fraser reaches the mouth of the Fraser River
July 1811 15 Nor' Western David Thompson reaches the mouth of the Columbia River.
July 1836 12 Canada's first railway, the Champlain and St. Lawrence, starts service between Laprairie and Saint-Jean, Que.
July 1867 1 Dominion of Canada comes into being: Sir John A. Macdonald sworn in as prime minister.
July 1867 1 Confederation: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario form the Dominion of Canada. John A. Macdonald becomes the first prime minister.
July 1867 1 Province and territories joined Confederation, or were created from existing parts of Canada: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec.
July 1870 15 Province and territories joined Confederation, or were created from existing parts of Canada: Manitoba, Northwest Territories
July 1870 15 Manitoba joins Confederation. The new province was much smaller than today's Manitoba.
July 1870 15 Métis rights recognized, as Manitoba becomes a province. (But Riel will have to flee Canada because of Scott's execution.)
July 1871 20 British Columbia joins Confederation.
July 1871 20 Province and territories joined Confederation, or were created from existing parts of Canada: British Columbia
July 1871 20 Province and territories joined Confederation, or were created from existing parts of Canada: Prince Edward Island
July 1873 1 Prince Edward Island joins Confederation.
July 1874 8 The Mounties leave Fort Dufferin on their march west to wipe out the whisky trade.
July 1874 26 Alexander Graham Bell discloses the invention of the telephone to his father at the family home on the outskirts of Brantford, Ontario.
July 1876 1 The Intercolonial Railway, growing out of the Halifax-Truro line, links central Canada and the Maritimes.
July 1898 13 Province and territories joined Confederation, or were created from existing parts of Canada: Yukon Territory
July 1900 6 Boer War-Skirmish: Waterval en Vogelfontein, Bethlehem
July 1900 7 Boer War-Battle of Bethlehem; Skirmish, Bapsfontein, South African Republic
July 1900 9 Boer War-Engagement, Olifantsnek, South African Republic
July 1900 11 Boer War-Battle of Silkaatnek; engagement at Dwarsvlei, Witpoort en Onderstepoort, South African Republic
July 1900 12 Boer War-Skirmish: Paardekop en Sandspruit station, South African Republic
July 1900 16 Boer War-Skirmish :Tiervlei, Rietpoort en Olifantsfontein, South African Republic; Witklip (Senekal/Bethelehem)
July 1900 19 Boer War-Skirmish: Karoospruit, Palmietfontein en Tierbank, Petrus Steyn; Paardeplaats, OFS
July 1900 21 Boer War-Skirmish, Spitzkrans, Brandwater Basin OFS
July 1900 21 Boer War-Incident, Heuningspruit station, OFS; engagement, Olifantsnek, South African Republic
July 1900 22 Boer War-Skirmish: Selons River, Rustenburg; Graskop near Sandspruit Station, South African Republic
July 1900 23 Boer War-Skirmish: Retiefsnek, Slabbertsnek, Witnek, (Brandwater basin) Nelspoort and Moolmanshoek, OFS Boschpoort Drift (Wilge River ); Koster River, South African Republic
July 1900 24 Boer War-Skirmish: Vredefort/Stinkhoutboom, OFS; Klerksdorp; Great Olifants River , South African Republic
July 1900 25 Boer War-Skirmish: Bank station (Potchefstroom); Kommandonek, Ficksburg
July 1900 26 Boer War-Skirmish, Naauwpoortnek, Brandwaterkom
July 1900 28 Boer War-Engagement at Slaapkrans, Brandwaterkom
July 1901 4 Boer War-Incident, Naboomspruit, Tvl
July 1901 5 Boer War-Attack Florida; Roodepoort, Tvl
July 1901 17 Boer War-Skirmish, Wildfontein, Ventersdorp, Tvl; Engagement, Zuurvlakte, Cape Colony
July 1901 20 Boer War-Skirmish, Tweefontein, Graaff-Reinet; Val Station/Vlaklaagte; Paardekop, (South African Republic
July 1901 21 Boer War-Attack, Bremersdorp (now known as Manzini), Swaziland; Skirmish, Jakkalsfontein, Cradock, Tweefontein, Graaff-Reinet; Incident, Beaufort West, Cape Colony
July 1901 30 Boer War-Engagement, Krokodil Drift, Middelburg, Tvl
July 1909 1 Joseph-Elzear Bernier affirms Canadian sovereignty in the High Artic by erecting a plaque on Melville Island.
July 1914 29 Britain warns Canada of deteriorating situation in Europe.
July 1916 1 Albert (Capture of Montauban, Mametz, Fricourt, Contalmaison and la Boisselle)
July 1916 14 Bazentin Ridge
July 1916 19 Attack at Fromelles
July 1916 20 Attacks on High Wood
July 1916 29 A devastating forest fire broke out in northwest of North Bay, Ontario, killing between 200 and 250 men, women, and children and destroying six towns, including Matheson and Cochrane. Property damage was estimated at more than $2 million.
July 1918 4 Capture of Hamel
July 1927 1 To celebrate Canada's Diamond jubilee (sixtieth birthday) the first coast-to-coast radio broadcast is made.
July 1936
Seven hundred and eighty Canadians died when temperatures exceeded 42 degrees Celsius from Alberta to Ontario, in Canada's longest and deadliest heat wave.
July 1941
The first national unemployment-insurance program comes into operation.
July 1943
Canadian troops invade Sicily and, with other Allied troops, fight their way north through Italy. They reach Rome on June 4, 1944.
July 1943 10 Canadians participate in the invasion of Sicily
July 1944 23 Canadian forces fight as a separate army.
July 1953 13 The Stratford Festival opens.
July 1953 27 The Korean War ends.
July 1962 1 Socialized medicine is introduced in Saskatchewan, leading to a doctors' strike.
July 1967 1 Centennial celebrations officially begin.
July 1967 24 French president Charles de Gaulle says "Vive le Québec libre" in Montréal.
July 1969 9 English and French are both recognized as offical languages by the federal government.
July 1969 20 U.S spacecraft Apollo II lands on the moon with Canadian-built landing gear.
July 1974 8 Trudeau's Liberals win a majority government.
July 1975 18 The Foreign Investment Review Agency intends to screen foreign investment in Canada.
July 1976 14 The death penalty is abolished.
July 1976 17 The Olympic games are held in Montréal under tight security.
July 1987 20 A tornado rips through Edmonton, killing 26 and injuring hundreds.
July 1990 25 Newfoundland Premier Clyde Wells further slows down the signing of the Meech Lake Accord, but a native member of the Manitoba legislative, Elijah Harper, deals it the fatal blow with his absolute refusal to accept Québec as Canada's principal, if not only, "distinct society" (June 22). One of the many responses is the formation of the Bloc Québecois by a handful of disenchanted politicians.
July 1993
Part of northwest B.C. is set aside as a world heritage conservation site. Protesters block loggers' access to ancient forests near Clayoquot Sound.

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