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The attack was to be continued for the next month with the next objective being a defensive line known as the Regina trench. The strategic and tactical value of the Regina trench was minimal but as a symbolic objective for the Canadian divisions it was pushed by the British command as their objective. The battle had become an ongoing ordeal of attrition.

The Canadians pushed forward day after day until October 1st when the weather turned and rain dominated the battlefield. On this day the Canadian troops managed to take sections of the Regina trench but were were pushed back with heavy causalities. Another


attack was made on October 8th and this also failed to take the trench. On October 17th, replacements from the 4th Canadian division arrived to relieve units of the 1st ,2nd  and 3rd divisions. On the 21st of October the 11th brigade attacked and secured parts of the Regina trench. The attacks continued until the night of November 110th/11th when the trench finally fell complete into Canadian hands and remain so for the rest of the war.


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